Welcome to Don Bosco Kep

Don Bosco Technical School Kep (DBTS) or Don Bosco Kep Hatrans is the Don Bosco Foundation’s project in Cambodia to provide technical training for young people with no economic resources. Students of both genders are selected, especially from rural areas and impoverished communities in Takeo, Kampot and Kep. However, students from other Cambodian provinces and even nearby countries can also apply. Kep is also the headquarters for Don Bosco Kep Children Fund that supports the region’s children in their efforts to study, aiming to prevent them from leaving school and becoming the targets of child exploitation.



The Don Bosco Technical School, as a charitable organization, looks for ways to be sustainable such as providing services. You could help us to support the children and youth by using our services.

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Events & Activities

Cambodian Cultural Night. Take dinner with us and enjoy a show of Cambodian traditional dancing.

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Color Sports. A day of competitions and fun.

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Support Us

Your support is vital in enabling Don Bosco Kep to fulfill its Mission to bring Cambodian children and youth from unprivileged communities to have a better future.

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Don Bosco Technical School & Children Fund – National Road 33 A, Thmey Village, Prey Thom Commune, Kep City, Kep Province. P.O. Box 9801 – Postal Code: 220000 – management@donboscokep.org
For bank transfer: Acleda Bank Plc. Kep Branch – A/N 3803-01-041854-1-8 – Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia – Swift Code ACLBKHPP