Mission and Vision

Don Bosco Technical School Kep (DBSK), also called Don Bosco Kep Hatrans, is the Don Bosco Foundation’s project in Cambodia to provide technical training for young people with no economic resources. Students of both genders are selected, especially from rural areas and impoverished communities in Takeo, Kampot and Kep. However, students from other Cambodian provinces and even nearby countries can also apply. Kep is also the headquarters for Don Bosco Kep Children Fund (DBKCF) that supports the region’s children in their efforts to study, aiming to prevent them from leaving school and becoming the targets of child exploitation.


The Don Bosco Technical School and DBKCF is a community of Salesians, lay mission partners, youth and children, living the spirit and method of St. John Bo re for a new civilization of love.


  • Give young people the opportunity to get a two year technical education which give them a better chance to get a job and thus improve their standard of living.
  • Provide conditions for underprivileged children in Kep, Kampot and Takeo provinces, through DBKCF, to continue their studies up to 12th grade.


  1. Offer technical education to poor young people who find difficulty in joining the national stream of development, so that they can break their cycle of poverty.
  2. Offer technical programs that are needed in the modernisation of Cambodia and its economic growth. These include Media Communication, Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, Secretarial Science and Electrical.
  3. Fight Cambodia’s modern evils such as domestic violence, child abuse, child labor, child prostitution, drugs, HIV, human rights abuse through education and prevention.


  1. Educate young people in social communication and journalism as a way to give them tools for a new generation of reporters with ethical principles, sensitive to the needs and development of their country.
  2. Produce Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) videos and audio material for social campaigns and trainings.
  3. Contribute to reducing Cambodia’s digital gap by producing materials in Khmer for people to access on the internet.
  4. Provide professional personnel for office administration.
  5. Train students in hospitality for the growing tourist industry in the country.
  6. Provide training in arts such as sculpture, painting, drama, and dance to young people and children as a way to protect the Khmer cultural legacy.

Target Groups and Impact

Young people who have finished 12th grade. These youth are from rural areas with limited economic resources, are orphans, and/or abandoned youth from the Kampot, Takeo, and Kep provinces. Younger children in similar circumstances are sponsored through DBKCF in order for them to finish 12th grade.